March 2, 2011

wamp wamp , what it do

Sorry for being completely MIA lately. Just got back from the Miami/Bahamas yesterday and have been trying to recover and play catch up ever since. Working 8am-6pm now just to make up for the work that needs to get done and also get ahead before SXSW in a couple of weeks. Then, you know, immerse myself with one of the million projects I am doing when I go home. No rest for the wicked.

Anyways, Bruise Cruise was cray cray. I am surprised anyone made it out alive, with their liver still intact and not hundreds of dollars in debt (well I think some of us may be).

Here is a glimpse. More updates later. Time to get back to work and drink another pot of coffee...

Katy Goodman and myself keeping shit classy.

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