May 31, 2011

I simply want him more because he looks the other way

Natalie and I just put up our second mix! It's about what we do best, crush on boys we can't have.

Anyways, give it a listen and let us know what you think!

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May 30, 2011

this drug in us, spins the earth down

Kristen took this photos of me when we were in Palm Springs last month. She just started using her awesome Pentax.

i heard the piledriver waltz, it woke me up this morning

I can't wait to see Richard Ayoade's (The IT crowd) feature directorial debut Submarine this Friday. I know everyone is already dismissing it as a Harold And Maude-esque, Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry rip off but I am still very interested to see. It seems quirky, whimisical, and nostalgic. Then there is the amazing soundtrack that is done by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. What more could I ask for?

I love this song and video. It's so beautiful. Makes me wish that we could skip over summer and go straight into fall.

"Piledriver Waltz" - Alex Turner
"If you are gonna try to walk on water, make sure you wear comfortable shoes."

May 5, 2011

turn around, start it over, let's begin

my life in mobile pictures pt 7

Mobile photos from the past couple of weeks.

$6 meals in Kansas City

those WERE the days. the sound still sounded like shit but you could bull ride!


the word 'safe' instead of 'chill' has officially worked it's way into my vocabulary thanks to Foals. Basterds.

Yannis and Nick.

Anytime I am passing through Chicago I HAVE to get Portillos. It's to the point where I will stab a bitch to get some (not really, but maybe). And sadly everything in the picture below is for me. Clearly, I will never be able to take a guy here because he'll be throughly disgusted by how much food I order here but it's so goddamn good.

I don't know what I ordered but it was good.

our napkins on our heads, because that's normal...

St. Louis
we are luvahs.


photo by Tiffany
Davis and I, the only black kids at an indie show...always.
feeling like poop in Milwaukee.

Davis the other black kid.

this venue was so pretty.

black lips//KCMO

Jared's bass

the beaumont club were such assholes the night Vivian Girls and Black Lips played and kicked us out of the venue early. we took the good times outside. Kianna (Tilly and The Wall) and I created a new thing called 'the round-off high five'. You couldn't handle it. Wish there were video of us girls doing this, got Vivian Girls in on it too. Here are a couple attempts to photograph these bad ass moves.

both photos by Nick one mobile, one disposable.

May 4, 2011

my life in mobile pictures pt 6 (??)

I haven't done one of these in a while. Here are some mobile pictures from California.

Julie and myself
we have decided that we are going to live at Chateau...


tofu baby portabella mushroom burger. yumzzzz.

G&Ts and Old Fashioned's with Kyle

Kristen and myself about to get all Fast and Furious to get food from our favorite organic deli before they closed in less than 30 minutes (we were 45 minutes away...and in case you were wondering, we made it.)

I want Kristen's shoes!

Birthday gift from Julie. Can't wait to use my new phrases in France this winter! Surely saying things like "I have a burning sensation" will win me tons of friends.
Dev Hynes and Theophilus London killing it at the Filter Party.



Kristen and Aaron

an end of an interesting trip

more soon...

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