May 30, 2011

i heard the piledriver waltz, it woke me up this morning

I can't wait to see Richard Ayoade's (The IT crowd) feature directorial debut Submarine this Friday. I know everyone is already dismissing it as a Harold And Maude-esque, Wes Anderson, Michel Gondry rip off but I am still very interested to see. It seems quirky, whimisical, and nostalgic. Then there is the amazing soundtrack that is done by Alex Turner of Arctic Monkeys. What more could I ask for?

I love this song and video. It's so beautiful. Makes me wish that we could skip over summer and go straight into fall.

"Piledriver Waltz" - Alex Turner
"If you are gonna try to walk on water, make sure you wear comfortable shoes."


Sarabee said...

almost all directors I love. Screw whomever doesn't enjoy nostalgic, whimsical, beautifully shot work. With amazing soundtracks I might add.

Anonymous said...

It is wonderful. Saw it three times in the cinema here, don't think I could get bored of it! The script is hilarious, it's beautifully shot and yes, the soundtrack is perfect.

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