February 25, 2013

there's a drumming noise inside my head

Since it's apparent I can't stay still, after terribly playing on a friend's kit and another friend's motivation to get serious and obsessive with my drumming, I've decided to dust my kit off at home. My neighbors will surely hate me more once I pull my baby into the house and start practicing from my room. 

Also, I'm learning guitar. Yep. 

So, either hashtag all future things #pray4patrice (in fear of me burning out and/or losing my mind) OR #cantstopwontstop (for obviously being so in awe of how I am managing all that I do without passing out from exhaustion *please note sarcasm*).

ph. eric reeves

February 24, 2013

i want to see the world with light eyes

Everyone should check out my friend Sandy's band SISU! They are amazing. I've been listening to this demo nonstop since last spring and it'll cause your heart to swoon. Hopefully, you got to see them open for Cat Power and/or plan on seeing them on their next string of tour dates! 

Take a listen below!
'Light Eyes' = sultry goodness 

you can't hold me down, I belong to the hurricane

I know it's been a while since I've done a post. Things are rather insane here in the best way possible. Just finish one of many mis adventures. Chicago and NYC was tiresome yet a lot of fun. It was great to see old friends and make some new ones in the process and manage to get work done as well! This is only the beginning. 

I am still debating on whether or not I will be going to SXSW this year. From a financial standpoint, it seems like a completely crazy thing to pull off at this point. SOOO, if any bands want to take me or someone would let me sleep on their floor or couch...just saying. 

The next two ventures looks like Los Angeles and possibly Atlanta. I'm excited for both and then I'll be attending Austin Psych Fest, which I am very excited for. 

Anyways, I have tons of photos to share with you guys, plenty of stories and just posts in general.

Until then, big big love. 

Florence Welch at The Maccabees show in Brooklyn, adore this woman.

ph. me 

February 5, 2013


Here is a sneak peek of the new series I am working on. 

If the water should cut my mind,
If the water should cut my life,
If the water should cut my mind,
Set me free,
I don't care,
I want to live in a bathysphere,

I can't really feel or dream down here,
I'll be the lost sailor,
My home is the sea.

who see's you

I am as giddy a schoolgirl right now listening to the new My Bloody Valentine album. JE-SUUSSSS! 
Let's drop this whole "it's not as good as 'Loveless'", it doesn't have to be, plus we should be happy that this album is even out to save our wretched souls. I predict a lot of lying around with this playing at intensely loud volumes or just gazing off into space with this playing loudly on my headphones. 

I really wish I could see them live again. BEYOND epic. 

This track breaks my heart. 

I really wish I were in an alternate state of mind right now. It's nearing 1am and I think I'm just going to listen to MBV until either the sun comes up or I pass out, whichever happens first. If only I had a spliff and good company...

i want candy.

Thanks to the Lady Gaga concert this evening, work (tonight was Sephora) was rather dead.

Now, I am at home attempting to do more work, but failing miserably. 
Sup y'all. Whatchu know about Chamomile tea AND sour punch apple straws???
Tumblr keeps calling my name (speaking of which, I redid the layout on there, so you should check it out here!). Whenever it's time to buckle down and edit some photos, work on the website or anything that requires the perfectionist to come out in me, I think of several things that are exponentially more important than doing that. Such as, watching 15 episodes of Seinfeld in a row while I eat butter pecan ice cream or eat candy and/or practicing my mermaid dancing

But really, this candy addiction is getting out of control. So, as most of you know (I guess only people "IRL" would know) I've kicked one bad habit/addiction/whatever only to pick up (albeit incredibly less life threatening) habit of hoarding candy. Which only means I need to exercise about 5 times a day but whatever (no, I really don't exercise that many times a day, ain't nobody got time for that, who do you think I am? Madonna?) 
There is no excuse for this...I totally think I should be able to expense this as "supplies". I don't even know what's up with the milky ways, because I don't even like chocolate that much. I'm all about hard candy and sour punch or sour patch kids (just in case you wanted to know...like just saying, if someone where to offer me these candies, I wouldn't say no, unless they were strawberry flavored, don't like strawberries, sorry...).

February 3, 2013

america is killin' it's youth

Recently, I copped Dee Dee's tights. Naturally they already have holes and runs in them. 
in the meantime, enjoy some Suicide as I think of worthy new posts. 

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