February 5, 2013

who see's you

I am as giddy a schoolgirl right now listening to the new My Bloody Valentine album. JE-SUUSSSS! 
Let's drop this whole "it's not as good as 'Loveless'", it doesn't have to be, plus we should be happy that this album is even out to save our wretched souls. I predict a lot of lying around with this playing at intensely loud volumes or just gazing off into space with this playing loudly on my headphones. 

I really wish I could see them live again. BEYOND epic. 

This track breaks my heart. 

I really wish I were in an alternate state of mind right now. It's nearing 1am and I think I'm just going to listen to MBV until either the sun comes up or I pass out, whichever happens first. If only I had a spliff and good company...

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