June 28, 2013

staring at the sun pt. 5

Jonas "JoNasty" Stein (Turbo Fruits)

My favorite things about summer: Cabrewing on the piney river. Hanging out with no shirt. Riding motorcycles through the hot night!

Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye

Let It Out - The Hombres

Groovin' - Booker T and the MGs

Pusherman - Curtis Mayfield

Strawberry Letter no. 23- Shuggie Otis

ph. Ashley Stanford

Every Friday night at Foobar in Nashville get your sexy on with Sparkle City! 

June 25, 2013

staring at the sun pt. 4

ph. Jacob Lillis

Sandy Vu (Dum Dum Girls & SISU)

In the summer in LA, we eat popsicles and hang eternally loose at BBQs or manmade lakes. Echo Park Lake just opened again, so I am particularly looking forward to the parade of bare bellies and men in tank tops. The smog blanket gets even thicker and makes an especially psychedelic sunset behind those transplanted palm trees. That is my favorite.

Felt - Sunlight Bathed the Golden Glow

The Zombies - Walking In The Sun

Dawn Penn - It Must Be Him

SISU's dreamy video for "Two Thousand Hands" has made it's debut today on SPIN! Some serious sultriness going on here. I adore the song and video and can't wait until their full length is released. It's going to be amazing, y'all! 

SISU fall 2013 tour dates: 

September 4 - Montreal, QC @ Societe des Arts Technologiques #
September 5 - Boston, MA @ Church of Boston #
September 8 - Washington, D.C. - Rock & Roll Hotel #
September 9 - Philadelphia, PA @ Johnny Brenda's #
September 11 - Toronto, ON @ The Garrison #
September 12 - Chicago, IL @ Empty Bottle #
September 13 - St. Louis, MO @ Firebird #
September 14 - Nashville, TN @ Exit/In #
September 15 - Birmingham, AL @ Bottletree #
September 17 - Austin, TX @ The Mohawk #
September 19 - Phoenix, AZ @ Rhythm Room #
September 20 - Los Angeles, CA @ Echo # %
September 21 - San Diego, CA @ The Void # %
September 22 - San Francisco, CA @ Bottom of the Hill # %
September 24 - Portland, OR @ Mississippi Studios # %
September 25 - Seattle, WA @ Barboza # %
September 26 - Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore Cabaret # %
# = with Dirty Beaches
% = with Chasms

Keep updated with the happenings of SISU on their official website and facebook page

I'm an animal just like you.

I am really behind on keeping things updated on here. Here are some photos from my times in Chicago, Minneapolis, Denver (where I saw Arctic Monkeys and visit with my longtime friend Kelsey and her adorable cat Laika), Lawrence and St. Louis, where I spent time with old friends and made some new ones along the way. Got to see and hang out with my favorite monks, Foals. 

This is just a scratch on the surface of some of the photos I took. Sadly, I did lose my disposable camera somewhere along the way, at least I had only taken like 5 photos on it but still...it's always sad when you lose a roll. 

more photos soon from all my adventuring...

crawling back to you...

I am proper excited for Arctic Monkey's new album 'AM'. Their new song 'Do I Wanna Know' slays live and come on, the track listing alone guarantees some brilliance. I'm particularly interested to hear what "Why'd You Only Call Me When You're High" and "Knee Socks" will sound like.

June 11, 2013

staring at the sun pt. 3

Jules Medeiros (Dum Dum Girls) 

I can't wait for summer nights warm enough for a skinny dip.

The Troggs "Love is All Around" 

Hell Shovel "Blowholes & Q-tips"

Althea & Donna "Uptown Top Ranking"

The Breeders "Cannonball"

The Gun Club "Sex Beat"

Check out the multi-talented Jules on tour with Dum Dum Girls and Sisu!

June 6, 2013

staring at the sun pt. 2

Daniel Legs
(Laura McDaniel's other half)

To me summers are about hanging outside with friends getting high, skateboarding and listening to music. This is a selection from a playlist that I skate around to.
The Soul Sisters "Wreck a buddy"
Tronics "Shark Fucks"
Dr Feelgood "She Does it Right"
Tom Robinson Band "2-4-6-8 Motorway"

Check out Young Boys, and like their facebook page! 

Also, see Daniel and Brandon's (of CrocodilesFuckology set at Passanger Bar, 10pm-4am every Tuesday night, spinning the best punk music, ever! I love these dudes, so obviously, since my opinion is the only opinion that matters, you should go, get drunk and give them hell. 

June 2, 2013

I'm not too shy to show I love you, I got no regrets.

I should be slightly embarrassed that I love this song and video so much, but I'm not. 

Okay, I'm into this too, whateverrrrr, it's just my life story. 

June 1, 2013

the birds didn't die over the winter

This book needs to be on my coffee table, actually it will be soon because I just ordered it. 
Paz de la Huerta = ♥ ♥ ♥

staring at the sun pt. 1

It's finally June and summer is almost "officially" approaching. I thought it would be fun to ask some of my favorite people/musicians/artists/etc what songs get them ready for summer and some other fun questions. Hopefully, every week or bi-weekly I'll be posting a new featured person/contributor. 

It's time to pull out those cut offs/never nudes and bust out those rollerblades. Summer is here and the heat doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! 


Orange Juice "Rip it Up"
This tune has been a favorite for years. It makes my foot tap and my head bob gleefully everytime I hear it. Go Edwyn.

Holllie Cook "Walking in the Sand"
What can I say? The girl is a star. Not many folks can take a classic and, dare I say, make it even better than the original. This is a summer tune if I every hear one.

Grudge/ Laurice "When Christine Comes Around"
Granted a bit hostile in lyrics, this (otherwise) carefree song is just poppy enough to make me want to crack open a beer and watch X-Treme fighting (just kidding.)

Make sure to check out Lu Void and like their facebook page, duh! 

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