June 6, 2013

staring at the sun pt. 2

Daniel Legs
(Laura McDaniel's other half)

To me summers are about hanging outside with friends getting high, skateboarding and listening to music. This is a selection from a playlist that I skate around to.
The Soul Sisters "Wreck a buddy"
Tronics "Shark Fucks"
Dr Feelgood "She Does it Right"
Tom Robinson Band "2-4-6-8 Motorway"

Check out Young Boys, and like their facebook page! 

Also, see Daniel and Brandon's (of CrocodilesFuckology set at Passanger Bar, 10pm-4am every Tuesday night, spinning the best punk music, ever! I love these dudes, so obviously, since my opinion is the only opinion that matters, you should go, get drunk and give them hell. 

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