April 30, 2010

song the day

I am really obsessing over this song by Turbo Fruits at the moment.

If you dig it, you need to buy the 7"
Seriously. Doo itttt.

(p.s. Thanks Jade!!!)

driving all over three lanes

Happy Friday you guys. I hope you guys have a safe weekend and some awesome adventures planned! I am heading to St. Louis today to hang with some friends and also see Cold War Kids. I'm excited.

Watch this beautiful video shot by Vern Moen.

"Audience" - Cold War Kids

April 27, 2010

joining the dots

Some new things:

1. I now have a fan page on Facebook, that you should join.

2. I also have an etsy account you should buy prints from. I will be adding more throughout the week.

April 26, 2010

Pa Pa Power, Pa Pa Power

I am seriously procrastinating at the moment and feeling really ill, so I made another mixtape. It's a little more obscure than the previous one. I hope you guys like it.

Also, this morning, whilst digging through my purse (aka my huge tote bag) I found a couple rolls of film, after I just finished getting 10 developed. Hopefully there is some good stuff on these rolls...*crossing fingers*

Anyways, a mix for your monday blues.

Drowning In The Flame Mixtape #2

  1. After Glow – FOALS
  2. This Momentary – Delphic
  3. Lost A Girl – New Young Pony Club
  4. Making Plans For Nigel – XTC
  5. Not Happy – Jale
  6. My Friend Goo – Sonic Youth
  7. At Home He’s A Tourist – Gang Of Four
  8. Point That Thing Somewhere Else – The Clean
  9. No Kind Words – The Maccabees
  10. Stay Alive – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
  11. The Speed Is Deceiving – Uninhabitable Mansions
  12. Oh Appalachia – Seamonster
  13. Telephone (Lady Gaga cover) - Pomplamoose
  14. Here Before – Fever Ray ft. Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid
  15. It’s A Trap – Power Animal
  16. Boy From School (Hot Chip cover) – Grizzly Bear
  17. Billie Holiday – Warpaint
  18. Thief In The Sky – Carina Round
  19. Pa Pa Power – Dead Man’s Bones
  20. Cargo Culte – Serge Gainsbourg

April 25, 2010

Outfits: Coachella Day 1

So, I'd decided to document what we wore during Coachella this year. Here is day 1.

Hope you enjoy it! And think this should be an on going thing (outfit posts that is).

playsuit- vintage from wasteland
belt- salvation army
boots- vintage ralph lauren
sunglasses- topshop

t-shirt- american apparel
shorts- vintage nike
shoes & sunglasses- urban outfitters

headdress and shirt- made by my friend Caitlin McMullen
shorts- urban outfitters
shoes - vintage from Fox & Fawn

"where are the fucking elephants?"

I am going to flashback here for second.

Back in March, Kelsey came to visit me and we went to the zoo.

Ever since I lived in Kansas City, I refused to believe this zoo actually existed but it does...

After a wonderful breakfast at Bluebird Cafe, we proceeded to find this zoo. Now, let me tell you, even with a GPS, an iPhone and a Blackberry it took us an hour to find this place when it should have taken us 15 minutes.

We rule, basically...

Here are some pictures from our adventure. This zoo was obviously meant for people under the age of 12 and the animals looked sickly...

So Kelsey and I turned the zoo into our own personal playground. Even though the zoo wasn't amazing, we still had a fun time, running about like children.

April 24, 2010

flash delirium

It was really great having Stevie and Joanna as adventuring buddies. We did a lot of adventuring on during Coachella weekend. Such as photographing highways signs, mountains, windmills, and climbing on the roof of our hotel...no big deal.

Here are some photos from our mini adventures.

rooftop adventures, Stevie plays lookout

I am seriously missing these girls, like woah. It makes me want to save better for going to England and Scotland next year.

Side Note: Joanna, get a blog ASAP!!!

April 23, 2010


A lot of you guys have been asking, so I threw together a little mixtape for you all. Here is the tracklisting. I hope you enjoy. Please, tell me your thoughts and if I should do this again.

ph. me

Drowning In The Flame Mixtape #1

  1. Summer Of Hate – Crocodiles
  2. Violent Dreams – Crystal Castles
  3. Miami – Foals
  4. Triangle Eyes – Your Nature
  5. Beat The Devil’s Tattoo – Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  6. The Dazzled – Crystal Stilts
  7. Souvlaki Space Station – Slowdive
  8. Heart Of Stone – The Raveonettes
  9. Science Killer – The Black Angels
  10. Ghost Rider – Suicice
  11. MKK3 – These New Puritians
  12. It Only Takes One Night – Dum Dum Girls
  13. Angsty – Best Coast
  14. Teardrops (Womack & Womack cover)– The xx
  15. IRM – Charlotte Gainsbourg
  16. Fences – Phoenix
  17. Standing In The Way Of Control – The Gossip
  18. Rhinestone Eyes – Gorillaz
  19. 10 Mile Stereo – Beach House
  20. Don’t Forget Whose Legs You’re On – Arctic Monkeys
get it here

tell me what you think. it's rather scattered, so apologies in advance.

a more obscure part 2 is coming up sooner than you think.


they buried me, in the southwest of france

Saturday (day 2 Coachllea, 17 April) I went to a party. *Gasp* I actually left my hotel room.

*NOTE: it's a running joke that I don't leave my hotel room while festivals are happening. SXSW was the worst case of this, Coachella I left my room around 3-4 everyday. Not bad all.

Anyways, saw some friends, it was pretty cool.

i'm a highschool lover and you're my favorite flavor

picked up joanna and stevie from the hotel. our first meeting was very pleasant. mind you, we've only know each other via internet prior. Luckily, there was no awkwardness and we go on quite well. And most imporantly, we all had the same taste in music, so the drive from Hollywood to Palm Springs was enjoyable for everyone. We found out we have a lot in common. Such as our love for literature and films.

cupcakes from Sprinkles.
I need Joanna's booties from Tophop
almost to palm springs.

At the end of the evening, we watched Pretty in Pink, ate cupcakes and drank Strongbow english cider. Party hard.

More photos to come. I have to pick up 10 rolls tomorrow! Zoinksss!

April 22, 2010

things scattered on the table

ph. Robert Doisneau

ALSO, my tumblr is getting back into the swing of this. So to look at pretty photos, please check out my tumblr. I am working on Drowning In The Flame's first mixtape. Should be ready in a week.

Now, I am finally going to try and get some sleep.

peace kidszzz.

cherokee blood

Now, that I am all caught up on SXSW stuff, I can FINALLY dig into current things, like my recent Cali trip and Kelsey and I's visit to the zoo.

Until then, here is a polaroid of me being a sad and tired indian girl by the shore in Monterey.

(by the way, I pretty much wore this headdress all Coachella weekend)

Mind Ride

I saw JEFF the brotherhood play a bunch of times during SXSW as well. And they totally ruled every time.

Check out more photos on my flickr of JEFF.

I also saw the following play:

The Morning Benders

The Strange Boys

Thee Oh Sees

Delta Spirit


I think that pretty much wraps up all of who I saw during SXSW.

Again, check out my flickr for more photos and just for photos in general.

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