April 26, 2010

Pa Pa Power, Pa Pa Power

I am seriously procrastinating at the moment and feeling really ill, so I made another mixtape. It's a little more obscure than the previous one. I hope you guys like it.

Also, this morning, whilst digging through my purse (aka my huge tote bag) I found a couple rolls of film, after I just finished getting 10 developed. Hopefully there is some good stuff on these rolls...*crossing fingers*

Anyways, a mix for your monday blues.

Drowning In The Flame Mixtape #2

  1. After Glow – FOALS
  2. This Momentary – Delphic
  3. Lost A Girl – New Young Pony Club
  4. Making Plans For Nigel – XTC
  5. Not Happy – Jale
  6. My Friend Goo – Sonic Youth
  7. At Home He’s A Tourist – Gang Of Four
  8. Point That Thing Somewhere Else – The Clean
  9. No Kind Words – The Maccabees
  10. Stay Alive – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
  11. The Speed Is Deceiving – Uninhabitable Mansions
  12. Oh Appalachia – Seamonster
  13. Telephone (Lady Gaga cover) - Pomplamoose
  14. Here Before – Fever Ray ft. Van Rivers & The Subliminal Kid
  15. It’s A Trap – Power Animal
  16. Boy From School (Hot Chip cover) – Grizzly Bear
  17. Billie Holiday – Warpaint
  18. Thief In The Sky – Carina Round
  19. Pa Pa Power – Dead Man’s Bones
  20. Cargo Culte – Serge Gainsbourg


Annabel said...

Another wonderful playlist :) Thank you! Oh, and I'm also about to join your fanpage on faceache. Is there anything you're not good at?! x

FranM said...

! i couldn't have come up with a more perfect playlist! thankss

kwhip said...

I have downloaded both of these now, and today I played them back-to-back at Slackers and THREE separate people came up to the register and complemented me on my musical taste. If only they knew I was just poaching it from you. :)

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