March 30, 2010


Alright, this is one of the things that I did on the last day of SXSW, well during SXSW in general. Damn, I suck, maybe I should have tried to see/do more things...

here is why I went to this event:

1. because it was warm/inside

2. it didn't involve a lot of walking

3. the project, hitRECord, that Joseph Gordon-Levitt is doing, seemed like a really cool idea.

4. The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger was playing again. I am not going to lie, I may just really be in love with the name of the band more than the band itself, although they are really quite enjoyable.

5. And yes, I am obsessed with Sean Lennon and think Kemp Muhl is the most beautiful girl, EVER! It's not even fair to be that pretty and she is my age! WTF. Alright, I'm done complaining.

this is slightly unrelated. but look at sean and kemp on the cover of the febuary Jalouse. the editorial is completely insane, like BA-NA-NAS!

i'm a constant sinner, a conscience killer

Robert Levon Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

I am not sure if I need to link these photos back to flickr, or it does it go without saying that I took these polaroids on the blog, unless stated otherwise, these are ALL my photos. Just wanted to clarify.

Anyways, story time. BRMC is another band I did not get to see during SXSW. I HEARD BRMC whilst sitting in a alley at a show I couldn't get into because they reached capacity but didn't actually see them. Again, what band did I actually see, and how many times did I watch Twilight while in Austin? I did manage to throw in some X-Files and Twin Peaks watching while I was there but yeah mainly really horrible movies were watched like Twilight and um *cough* Spice World *cough*

Whatever, I have no shame. Those movies are classics, they will stand the test of time. You just wait.

But bringing it back to BRMC, from what I HEARD it sounded pretty awesome and I wished I planned it better and actually got to see them perform the new songs and see the new drummer, Leah, rock it out.

I had planned on seeing them in St. Louis the day after I got back from Austin but wasn't feeling well, therefore couldn't go, even though my friend was offering me a ride and I could sleep the whole time, I just couldn't muster any energy/strength to go.

Well, turns out my friend told the band this and the band told my friend to call me and tell me they wish I were able to be at the the show and they love my photographs and they hope I feel better soon and that they hope it was nothing serious.

*cue the "awwwwwwsss"*

I mean SERIOUSLY! That was really sweet.

Now, not to be outdone by The Veils who also sent me a message. That shall be saved for another post.

i'm writing this to you in reverse

We look extremely serious/emo in this polaroid and I love it.

Whilst in Austin I did get to see my friend Rob who is in this band you probably never heard of called SPOON (who I did NOT get to see.) I am almost starting to question which bands I actually DID see whilst at SXSW.

Anyways, although it was all too brief, it was good to see him and hang for a bit, instead of actually being emo by sitting in the hotel room, drinking whiskey by myself and watching Twilight. Don't you judge me!

March 28, 2010

Obama's Package


I know I shouldn't post this on here and should post it on my facebook or something but I couldn't resist.

I'll go back to proper posting later today, maybe...

March 25, 2010

screaming banshee

ph. me

If any of you cool kids that live in Kansas and are looking for a cool show to go to April 7th PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to the JEFF the Brotherhood show in Lawrence, KS at The Replay Lounge.

Invite all your friends. It's going to be awesome, but the only way we can make this awesome is if we get a shit ton of people to come to the show!! Bring your fucking Mother if you want! I want more than 10 people at this show. I know how shows at the Replay Lounge can get, they can get pretty damn awkward, so let's make this like when Surfer Blood & Turbo Fruits were here. A lotta lotta people. Okay?

go to the facebook event I created to read more details about it. Invite your friends and add yourself so I can see how many people may be coming. Plus, it's only $2 guys!

March 24, 2010

if you were there, beware

Well, I am back from SXSW. Still recovering. Still haven't slept properly since I've been back. So many photographs to edit and film to develop and more trips to plan. It just never ends.

This is me, the last night of SXSW. It was an early night, everyone got back to the hotel before 1am. We packed, listened to the white stripes and arctic monkeys, drank whiskey and talked about how exhausted we were and how we couldn't wait to go home.

I look tired and cold in this photograph and I have no make up on, grody.

mah shit, trying to get organised

Nadia staying chill, drinking tea and texting on her phone as usual

REWIND (I think my posts about SXSW are going to be Tarantino style; not in order)

I hardly did anything the last day. It was so cold and I didn't pack proper trousers or a coat. Fucking weather people said it was going to be in the 70s most of the week and 60s at the lowest. So, clearly I wasn't going to pack my parka! Damn liars. I should have packed my parka, gloves, scarf, hot hands, etc etc.

Also, I was tired from the night before, which was a Friday if I recall correctly. I didn't go to bed until after 5am and woke up at 8am...Coolio...

Anways, on Saturday, Jade and I hung out at the hotel most of the time then we drove around to find Chinese food, since we were craving it and we had been drinking Whiskey all morning, afternoon and eventually, later that night. So we obviously needed food.

Then we watched some movies and she left to go see Karen Elsen play.

I took a nap, just to be awoken by Jade's call tell me that Sean Lennon's new band was playing. If you know me, I LOVE Sean Lennon and I LOVE his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I think she is beautiful and wish I looked like her. Some girls have all the luck, ya know? Anyways, the name of their band is called The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger, why didn't I think of that name? Damn, I am so uncool. Anyways, check them out! It's very lovely.

So, I threw on some clothes and literally ran to were the show was, luckily it was by the hotel, but it was FREEZING OUT. It actually wasn't that cold but when you aren't prepared for that sort of weather it seems worse than it really is.

I got there just in time for their set. It was good. Despite the cold, they continued to play.

the ghost of a saber toothed tiger

sean lennon

jade drinking a a jack and coke to stay warm

cooooolddddd and clearly not fully awake

Afterwards, chatted briefly with Sean Lennon, Kemp Muhl ran inside to get warm. He we extremely lovely. I don't know what I was expecting but it certainly was not that. I took his polaroid and ran back to the hotel to escape the cold.

There were plenty of shows I wanted to see on Saturday but due to laziness, coldness, and quite frankly being a spoilt brat about SXSW this year, I didn't go to anymore shows or parties. I was actually really tame this year compared to last year and saw very few shows, oddly. I felt, I know this is really cheesy to say, but uninspired.

I do go to the Joseph Gordon Levitt, Hit Record discussion, where The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger were performing again, but under warmer conditions.

(Thanks Caitlin for the tip off about that!)

Photos from that later.

I do regret not making it my friend Ilirjana's party, but after the film panel, I was so exhausted and the thought of walking a several blocks to a party was too much to bare, plus we heard some crazy rumour you had to RSVPed which ended up NOT being true, slightly peeved by that. Anyways, I bet it was wicked though.

March 14, 2010


My photography website is officially up and running. Please email me what you think about it at or leave a comment here!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Special thanks to Roland for designing it and everyone I bugged (you know who you are, and I thank you for your input) with random questions about if I should include certain photos, layout and helping me write a quirky about me section, I about me sections that take themselves too seriously. Everyone scans through it anyways just to get to the contact info.

Please, check out the website, it would mean a lot.

Apologies in advance, I know there is A LOT of content. I plan on editing it down quite a bit but for now i really just wanted the site up and running.

March 10, 2010

i thread the needle through, you beat the devil's tattoo

Watch my girl Malia Jame's directorial debut for the new BRMC single "Beat The Devil's Tattoo."

It's pretty damn cool. I strongly suggest you watch it.

March 9, 2010

my body is a cage

On Monday, I'll post my last post for a little bit. Tuesday I leave for Austin. Instead of driving, I am flying into Houston and then driving to Austin. It ended up being a hell of a lot cheaper than renting a car (since I still don't have one and refuse to get one ever since the Omaha incident of summer 2009). Then you factor in other expenses such as gas, getting a hotel along the way, coffee, cheetos, slurpees, etc etc and you've got some major money going out the window.

ANYHOW! Book a flight for and rented a card for 200 hundred dollars less than what I was going to be spending renting a car and driving 11 hours and 13 minutes (according to mapquest) by myself. Now, I am only driving a mere 3 hours to Austin. You see, sometimes I use my brain.

On to other news... Some of you may now that I've been really sick lately. I went to the doctor's last week and let's say the results weren't entirely shocks but still it's a major thing. Don't worry, I don't have cancer or anything. Besides just having an extremely weak immune system, we will see what else is going on when the blood results come back and I go back to the doctor on Friday. I've told about 4-5 people that I felt needed to know what is going on with me. I felt these people a) wouldn't freak out b) deserved to know especially for future travels and hanging out c) because I care for them and feel that they care for me and it's rare to come by these sort of people.

Photography news, I just spent 150 dollars on film. Ouch...I need to learn how to use my digital more, and get an editing program besides iPhoto...

Lastly, I am going to leave you with some words of wisdom from my mother:

"your body is a temple, but you are treating it like a goddamn casino, no wonder it's shutting down on you..."

"My Body is Cage" - The Arcade Fire

P.S. I am not going to make a habit of making novel posts like this but I felt it was important, just incase we cross paths and I don't seem to be my normal self. For other things going on in my life, like my "book a week" project,
progress on training for a 5K, taking drum lessons and possibly learning the bass, please go to my tumblr for all that.

March 6, 2010

March 2, 2010

i'm the ghost in the back of your head

Now, it's no surprise to anyone that I LOVE FOALS. I think that they are brilliant musicians. Their videos are always visually stunning and I feel they are making some of the most innovative music out there right now, as far as newer bands are concerned.
With their new song "Spanish Sahara" they do not disappoint. I remember this being one of my favorites of the new songs being perform when I saw them in London and Brighton last April. Along with the song "O-Funk".

I cannot wait until the new album comes out. I am sure it'll be amazing.

Here is the video for "Spanish Sahara". It's absolutely beautiful and directed by the brilliant Dave Ma.

FOALS continue to inspire. I am falling in love with a lot of the lyrics in this song. It's incredibly dreamy and I love the build up. It's the type of song you need to listen to on your headphones whilst laying on your bed staring at the ceiling. Let it seep into your brain and never leave.

I am glad they made this their first single, instead of something typically FOALS, like having another "Cassius" as their new single. For some this may be a grower but I really enjoy this song.

(special thanks to Andrea for sending me the link this morning, definitely made my morning!)

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