March 24, 2010

if you were there, beware

Well, I am back from SXSW. Still recovering. Still haven't slept properly since I've been back. So many photographs to edit and film to develop and more trips to plan. It just never ends.

This is me, the last night of SXSW. It was an early night, everyone got back to the hotel before 1am. We packed, listened to the white stripes and arctic monkeys, drank whiskey and talked about how exhausted we were and how we couldn't wait to go home.

I look tired and cold in this photograph and I have no make up on, grody.

mah shit, trying to get organised

Nadia staying chill, drinking tea and texting on her phone as usual

REWIND (I think my posts about SXSW are going to be Tarantino style; not in order)

I hardly did anything the last day. It was so cold and I didn't pack proper trousers or a coat. Fucking weather people said it was going to be in the 70s most of the week and 60s at the lowest. So, clearly I wasn't going to pack my parka! Damn liars. I should have packed my parka, gloves, scarf, hot hands, etc etc.

Also, I was tired from the night before, which was a Friday if I recall correctly. I didn't go to bed until after 5am and woke up at 8am...Coolio...

Anways, on Saturday, Jade and I hung out at the hotel most of the time then we drove around to find Chinese food, since we were craving it and we had been drinking Whiskey all morning, afternoon and eventually, later that night. So we obviously needed food.

Then we watched some movies and she left to go see Karen Elsen play.

I took a nap, just to be awoken by Jade's call tell me that Sean Lennon's new band was playing. If you know me, I LOVE Sean Lennon and I LOVE his girlfriend Charlotte Kemp Muhl. I think she is beautiful and wish I looked like her. Some girls have all the luck, ya know? Anyways, the name of their band is called The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger, why didn't I think of that name? Damn, I am so uncool. Anyways, check them out! It's very lovely.

So, I threw on some clothes and literally ran to were the show was, luckily it was by the hotel, but it was FREEZING OUT. It actually wasn't that cold but when you aren't prepared for that sort of weather it seems worse than it really is.

I got there just in time for their set. It was good. Despite the cold, they continued to play.

the ghost of a saber toothed tiger

sean lennon

jade drinking a a jack and coke to stay warm

cooooolddddd and clearly not fully awake

Afterwards, chatted briefly with Sean Lennon, Kemp Muhl ran inside to get warm. He we extremely lovely. I don't know what I was expecting but it certainly was not that. I took his polaroid and ran back to the hotel to escape the cold.

There were plenty of shows I wanted to see on Saturday but due to laziness, coldness, and quite frankly being a spoilt brat about SXSW this year, I didn't go to anymore shows or parties. I was actually really tame this year compared to last year and saw very few shows, oddly. I felt, I know this is really cheesy to say, but uninspired.

I do go to the Joseph Gordon Levitt, Hit Record discussion, where The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger were performing again, but under warmer conditions.

(Thanks Caitlin for the tip off about that!)

Photos from that later.

I do regret not making it my friend Ilirjana's party, but after the film panel, I was so exhausted and the thought of walking a several blocks to a party was too much to bare, plus we heard some crazy rumour you had to RSVPed which ended up NOT being true, slightly peeved by that. Anyways, I bet it was wicked though.


April said...

Damn, looks like you still had a fun time even if you were a little more "tame" this year. That's really exciting that you got to see The Ghost Of A Saber Toothed Tiger! Sean and his girlfriend are gorgeous! Can't wait to see those photos from the Joseph Gordon Levitt/hitRECord discussion! Times like these make me wish I didn't live on the west coast...maybe next year I'll fly out there. :)

kwhip said...

Ahhhhhh, I'm so obsessed with that Sean Lennon photo. He seems like sucha friendly/quirky guy. The only time I've seen him (also in Austin), he was high.

And I think you look cute without make-up!

Patrice said...

Haha, thanks. Yeah is really friendly and super cool. He actually TALKS to you, you know what I mean?

I look gross and rough around the edges without makeup. You see all my moles and scars from being an "adventurous" aka "bad ass motherfucking kid" when I was child.

Anyways, I see you see, you get all the Sean Lennon details when you get here.

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