March 25, 2010

screaming banshee

ph. me

If any of you cool kids that live in Kansas and are looking for a cool show to go to April 7th PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come to the JEFF the Brotherhood show in Lawrence, KS at The Replay Lounge.

Invite all your friends. It's going to be awesome, but the only way we can make this awesome is if we get a shit ton of people to come to the show!! Bring your fucking Mother if you want! I want more than 10 people at this show. I know how shows at the Replay Lounge can get, they can get pretty damn awkward, so let's make this like when Surfer Blood & Turbo Fruits were here. A lotta lotta people. Okay?

go to the facebook event I created to read more details about it. Invite your friends and add yourself so I can see how many people may be coming. Plus, it's only $2 guys!


Nicole Trundle said...

Sounds like a fun evening ahead, I'll go check it :)

from your most recent follower

Patrice said...

Hey! thanks. Just went through your blog and I love it! I added you to my blog roll and am now following you!

Meg said...

I want to go to that show so bad. Too bad I'll be headed back to Chicago a day earlier... but I'm seeing Julian Casablancas on the 6th, can't go to every show I guess.

Meg said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Meg said...

Didn't mean to enter that twice, sorry

Patrice said...

no worries, I fixed it! Julian Casablancas is going to be SUCH a good show!

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