September 29, 2010

new york city cops, they ain't too smart

(new york adventures continue)

While doing some major shopping damage in SoHo, on my way out of Madewell I ran into Fabrizio Moretti. He was waiting on his girlfriend, Binki Shaprio (who I also talked to while in line to check out).

I can not gush about Fab enough. So much love for him and it doesn't hurt that he is in one of my all time favorite bands. Anyways, he is just the most genuine person I've ever met. He's always SO kind and never minds my constant urge to take photographs. We talked for a good 15-20 minutes before nature had it's way and there was a downpour...

Not gonna lie, this may be one of my favorite polaroids from this trip. I am happy I took it and it turned out well in my humble opinion.

*look at that FACE. doesn't it melt your heart? Binki is a lucky lady.

where the stars don't shine

(First part in my new york adventures.)

The Friday I got in it was Fashion's Night Out. I was nowhere near prepared on what was happening and what events I wanted to go to. As result of my disorganization (completely out of character for me) I mean if you were at SXSW with me this year, you know about the infamous schedule binder filled with EVERYTHING you need to know about all the haps. Anyways, yes, I am an organization freak, some may say I am a Nazi, but that is besides the point. The point is, I missed some stellar things like Alexa Chung's Madewell launch party and a party at SoHo Grand. When I got to the apartment I attempted to take a nap. FAIL. So I decided to get dress for the evening, put on my game face and head to fucking midtown Charlotte Ronson's launch for SAKS and to see Daniel Merriweather perform. His voice is INCREDIBLE. If you don't own his album, you should.

This is my game face:

I got an awesome charm bracelet from Charlotte Ronson with cool charms like a hamburger. And an extra little baggie with the material to make another. I love friendship bracelets, they need to make a strong come back.

Photos from the event:

Chrissie Miller (SOPHOMORE) DJed

Daniel Merriweather
Chrissie Miller
Charlotte Ronson

Then I met up with my friend Rhea. We were going to go to the party at SoHo grand but we underestimated how INSANE SoHo was. People walking in the streets crazy. The area needed to be shut down. I got annoyed pretty quickly. Just way to many people and you couldn't get anywhere. Rhea and I then parted ways. From there things got crazier. I got LOST! Even with my iPhone I was still fucking lost. Ended up getting directions from the lady who plays Blair Waldrofs mother on Gossip Girl...finally got the subway and went back to apartment in Brooklyn.

There were a few things going on in Brooklyn. First I went to hang with my girl Kamni, we chilled at her place for a while. Then we went to go see Turbo Fruits and Liquor Store play. It was a fun show and a nice escape from fashion hell.

I've mention Turbo Fruits enough on this blog. I shouldn't have to reiterate how much I ADORE those dudes but I will anyways. Even if I didn't know them, I would say the same thing, they are AWESOME. You need to go see them live (so much energy), support and buy their music and merch at shows or however you can get it. Their new 7in "Where The Stars Don't Shine" has an image I took as the cover! It's available in limited white vinyl. So get it, get ittt!

Photos from the show:

my favorite shot below
After the show I went to some weird warehouse party. It was sketchy as hell and I didn't stay long. Ended up getting home close to 5am...

Note: Since I am super cool like this, I brought my textbooks on my trip to maintain my studies. People didn't think I could do it, and no doubt it was hard getting down and focusing on work when you want to do other things but shit got done in the end. I rule.

September 28, 2010

it feels like you're slipping but it's just the serotonin

ph. me

New York adventures will be posted soon. In fragments and out of order...much like a Quentin Tarantino film.

September 23, 2010

September 15, 2010

Alexa Chung For Madewell

I know most people find Alexa Chung completely overrated but I ADORE her and her line for Madewell. I couldn't be more pleased with my purchases and the little goodies that came with them. So cute! It was like receiving my own little care package from Miss Chung.

What I bought:

What I hope to go back for (assuming anything is left):

I would really like the crush velvet shorts and t-shirt

also, there were these AMAZING oxfords I was DROOLING over. I don't know if I should be spending anymore money on clothes at the moment (my shopping spree the other day set me back quite a bit, retail therapy, ya know?) but I DO need some new oxfords. I have four pairs right now and they are all THRASHED. It's to the point that I am using freaking shoe gloo to try and paste them back together. Girl's got to do what a girl's got to do to save her favorite shoes...

September 4, 2010

in my heart i am lukewarm, nothing really touches me

I am seriously slacking on book updates. Forget hair disasters and embarrassing run-ins!

Currently I am reading the new Bret Easton Ellis book 'Imperial Bedrooms'. It's the follow up to 'Less Than Zero'.

I am only 30 pages into it and probably will have it finished by tomorrow (it's a pretty thin novel). My thoughts so far is that it still maintains the atmospheric doom of 'Less Than Zero', the characters are as callous as ever and Clay is still in a state of ennui.

The book has received rave reviews, so I am interested to how it all ends. Let's hope they won't make another horrible movie of this as well.

A book I just finished was Mary Karr's 'Lit', which to answer a question my friend asked about the meaning of the title, it's just another word for being drunk. This is the first book I have read by Karr. I know that she has written other memoirs, which I plan to explore next. In 'Lit' Karr describes what it is like battling with alcoholism and her spiritual recovery. She writes an awareness that this is just her side of the story and how she recalls events. Obviously, it her husband or friend wrote this, it would be a completely different perspective.

Most memoirs on alcoholism seem to be an anecdote of their stupidity during there time of endless drinking. With this book you can sense Karr's remorse. Which I think is important with books that deal with addictions. Sure, it's okay to make light of certain situations but at some point there has to be a point where you have reached clarity. When you have realised how your actions not only affected you but those around you, especially the ones you care for and 'Lit' does a well job of exploring those depths of alcoholism, family struggles and dependency.

the room is on fire and she's fixing her hair

This week has been something else.

You know how all these little things just seem to build up and by the end of the week you just go beserk as fuck and being rational is the furthest thing from your mind...well that is what happened yesterday.

the rundown:
-I realised I have to get THREE weeks worth of coursework done by Thurday to get assignments in on time and be ahead of the game while I am in NY. No big deal.

-got my hair done...BIG mistake. I never get my hair done. I usually cut my own hair and bangs but I needed a GOOD relaxer (not the bullshit over the counter stuff) because my hair has been uncontrollably curly and I was tired of always wearing it in a bun. So, the lady cut too much of my hair off, after relaxing it she proceeded to CURL it. The whole point of me getting it relaxed was not to have it curly. Oy to the vey.

Anyways, there was a bunch of other things that happened that led to this ridiculous moment of wanting to scream my head off BUT after sitting down, taking a few goddamn breaths, and a couple of phone calls, I just had to DANCE.

This may sound silly but recently instead of crying, getting way too stressed out or overanalyzing the situation. I just put on one of my dance mixes, jump around in my room and dance it out, dance it the fuck out. Then I realize how silly some things are to worry about and life goes on. Like sand through an hour glass (I didn't just say that...)

See examples of dancing it out.

(sooo, yeah, whatever...I watch Grey's Anatomy everyday on Lifetime from 12-3, it's my quite time during the day. Don't judge me.)

Here is my mini playlist of songs I like to dance to:

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September 3, 2010

the concept of absurdity is something i'm attracted to

David Lynch & Isabella Rossellini by Helmut Newton

the stars aint ever gonna leave us

"Act da Fool" by Harmony Korine

Jack and Lazaro talk about their vision for the video and why Harmony was the right person to make it come to life.

September 2, 2010

comptine d'un autre ete l'apres midi

love Lea Seydoux and this photo

*note: I did not take these photos, if you or someone you know has taken one of these photos, let me know so I can give proper credit!

September 1, 2010

it starts to feel like a barricade, that keeps us away

Songs I am digging at the moment. So different and random.

"Barricades" - Interpol

One time I passed Paul Banks walking through Tompkins Park and my heart melted just a bit. Although, my love is for Daniel Kessler, mainly for his high water pants and awesome dance moves.

and just because I'm in an Interpol mood...

"Slow Hands" (dedicating this to Andrea, who I am terribly jealous she saw them recently)

"Tenderoin" - Kele (from Bloc Party)

I definitely was not expecting to like ANYTHING from his solo album but I dig this. The video is weird but I could see myself dancing on the dancefloors to this at a place like Fabric.

4th dimensional transition

September is finally here! One of my favorite months. Although, it's not quite fall yet, today feels like it, with is gloomy overcast skies and it's rainfall.

Instead of lying around, knitting and watching movies like I would normally do on a day like this. Unfortunately, I have an immense amount of cleaning to do and coursework to get ahead of before I leave next week.

Today, I was surprised with this gift from my mother.

Apparently, she had noticed me eyeing it for quite sometime now. Something good to listen to whilst studying or general...

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