September 29, 2010

new york city cops, they ain't too smart

(new york adventures continue)

While doing some major shopping damage in SoHo, on my way out of Madewell I ran into Fabrizio Moretti. He was waiting on his girlfriend, Binki Shaprio (who I also talked to while in line to check out).

I can not gush about Fab enough. So much love for him and it doesn't hurt that he is in one of my all time favorite bands. Anyways, he is just the most genuine person I've ever met. He's always SO kind and never minds my constant urge to take photographs. We talked for a good 15-20 minutes before nature had it's way and there was a downpour...

Not gonna lie, this may be one of my favorite polaroids from this trip. I am happy I took it and it turned out well in my humble opinion.

*look at that FACE. doesn't it melt your heart? Binki is a lucky lady.


∆ is for ale said...

oh my god, how lovely he is !!

∆ is for ale said...

ps : lucky lucky lucky YOU :)

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