September 29, 2010

where the stars don't shine

(First part in my new york adventures.)

The Friday I got in it was Fashion's Night Out. I was nowhere near prepared on what was happening and what events I wanted to go to. As result of my disorganization (completely out of character for me) I mean if you were at SXSW with me this year, you know about the infamous schedule binder filled with EVERYTHING you need to know about all the haps. Anyways, yes, I am an organization freak, some may say I am a Nazi, but that is besides the point. The point is, I missed some stellar things like Alexa Chung's Madewell launch party and a party at SoHo Grand. When I got to the apartment I attempted to take a nap. FAIL. So I decided to get dress for the evening, put on my game face and head to fucking midtown Charlotte Ronson's launch for SAKS and to see Daniel Merriweather perform. His voice is INCREDIBLE. If you don't own his album, you should.

This is my game face:

I got an awesome charm bracelet from Charlotte Ronson with cool charms like a hamburger. And an extra little baggie with the material to make another. I love friendship bracelets, they need to make a strong come back.

Photos from the event:

Chrissie Miller (SOPHOMORE) DJed

Daniel Merriweather
Chrissie Miller
Charlotte Ronson

Then I met up with my friend Rhea. We were going to go to the party at SoHo grand but we underestimated how INSANE SoHo was. People walking in the streets crazy. The area needed to be shut down. I got annoyed pretty quickly. Just way to many people and you couldn't get anywhere. Rhea and I then parted ways. From there things got crazier. I got LOST! Even with my iPhone I was still fucking lost. Ended up getting directions from the lady who plays Blair Waldrofs mother on Gossip Girl...finally got the subway and went back to apartment in Brooklyn.

There were a few things going on in Brooklyn. First I went to hang with my girl Kamni, we chilled at her place for a while. Then we went to go see Turbo Fruits and Liquor Store play. It was a fun show and a nice escape from fashion hell.

I've mention Turbo Fruits enough on this blog. I shouldn't have to reiterate how much I ADORE those dudes but I will anyways. Even if I didn't know them, I would say the same thing, they are AWESOME. You need to go see them live (so much energy), support and buy their music and merch at shows or however you can get it. Their new 7in "Where The Stars Don't Shine" has an image I took as the cover! It's available in limited white vinyl. So get it, get ittt!

Photos from the show:

my favorite shot below
After the show I went to some weird warehouse party. It was sketchy as hell and I didn't stay long. Ended up getting home close to 5am...

Note: Since I am super cool like this, I brought my textbooks on my trip to maintain my studies. People didn't think I could do it, and no doubt it was hard getting down and focusing on work when you want to do other things but shit got done in the end. I rule.

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