January 20, 2014

trouble is my name, is it yours too?

(Photos: James Orlando)

Take a listen to the new Dum Dum Girl's album 'Too True'. 

Streaming now over at NPR!

Check out the tour dates here

I'll be hanging out during SXSW, Nashville, Birmingham, Atlanta and Chicago. If you see me around, come and say "ay bay bay" or "hello", whatever...


January 14, 2014

you've got rimbaud eyes.

Hey, hey, hey! I am back from the dead, at least it feels like it.

Overworking yourself and a few stints in the hospital would cause anyone to realize that they are not superhuman. Damn, I was really hoping I was...

I skipped the traditional NYE posts this year because there is a whole new flood of things about to happen this year with me and all my talented friends. 2014 should be a doozy. I know every year is "the year" and not to say that is one will be "IT", but there is definitely something in the universe indicating that this year will be a big year of transformation for all of us.

Right now I leave you with some new Dum Dum Girls songs. The new album is stellar and I can't wait for everyone to hear it in it's full glory! 

Ladies (and gents), if you didn't already know, there is a Dum Dum Boy now, Andrew! He's totally awesome and dreamy, duh! 

(Photo NOT by me. If you took this photo, please let me know so I can give you the proper credit and hyperlink you! <3 div="">

Things to look forward to here on 'Drowning in the Flame', *please try to imagine me saying this as if I were an E! News commentator...

Photographs from my tours with Those Darlins, Gambles, Crocodiles, Wymond Miles and just everyday adventures, film reviews, book reviews, fashion posts, etc. 

Let's get this site lively again! 


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