September 4, 2010

in my heart i am lukewarm, nothing really touches me

I am seriously slacking on book updates. Forget hair disasters and embarrassing run-ins!

Currently I am reading the new Bret Easton Ellis book 'Imperial Bedrooms'. It's the follow up to 'Less Than Zero'.

I am only 30 pages into it and probably will have it finished by tomorrow (it's a pretty thin novel). My thoughts so far is that it still maintains the atmospheric doom of 'Less Than Zero', the characters are as callous as ever and Clay is still in a state of ennui.

The book has received rave reviews, so I am interested to how it all ends. Let's hope they won't make another horrible movie of this as well.

A book I just finished was Mary Karr's 'Lit', which to answer a question my friend asked about the meaning of the title, it's just another word for being drunk. This is the first book I have read by Karr. I know that she has written other memoirs, which I plan to explore next. In 'Lit' Karr describes what it is like battling with alcoholism and her spiritual recovery. She writes an awareness that this is just her side of the story and how she recalls events. Obviously, it her husband or friend wrote this, it would be a completely different perspective.

Most memoirs on alcoholism seem to be an anecdote of their stupidity during there time of endless drinking. With this book you can sense Karr's remorse. Which I think is important with books that deal with addictions. Sure, it's okay to make light of certain situations but at some point there has to be a point where you have reached clarity. When you have realised how your actions not only affected you but those around you, especially the ones you care for and 'Lit' does a well job of exploring those depths of alcoholism, family struggles and dependency.

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