September 4, 2010

the room is on fire and she's fixing her hair

This week has been something else.

You know how all these little things just seem to build up and by the end of the week you just go beserk as fuck and being rational is the furthest thing from your mind...well that is what happened yesterday.

the rundown:
-I realised I have to get THREE weeks worth of coursework done by Thurday to get assignments in on time and be ahead of the game while I am in NY. No big deal.

-got my hair done...BIG mistake. I never get my hair done. I usually cut my own hair and bangs but I needed a GOOD relaxer (not the bullshit over the counter stuff) because my hair has been uncontrollably curly and I was tired of always wearing it in a bun. So, the lady cut too much of my hair off, after relaxing it she proceeded to CURL it. The whole point of me getting it relaxed was not to have it curly. Oy to the vey.

Anyways, there was a bunch of other things that happened that led to this ridiculous moment of wanting to scream my head off BUT after sitting down, taking a few goddamn breaths, and a couple of phone calls, I just had to DANCE.

This may sound silly but recently instead of crying, getting way too stressed out or overanalyzing the situation. I just put on one of my dance mixes, jump around in my room and dance it out, dance it the fuck out. Then I realize how silly some things are to worry about and life goes on. Like sand through an hour glass (I didn't just say that...)

See examples of dancing it out.

(sooo, yeah, whatever...I watch Grey's Anatomy everyday on Lifetime from 12-3, it's my quite time during the day. Don't judge me.)

Here is my mini playlist of songs I like to dance to:

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Felicia said...

oh god a hairdresser horror story, I have many of those.

Anonymous said...

ahh hahaa I love your lifetime addiction confession, I do the same! not with grey's anatomy... but all their movies omg the pregnancy pact? brilliant! :P

diggin the playlist as well. I totally remember that Madonna song so good. My fav of hers is "get into the groove" classy shit.

Patrice said...

Lifetime is the shizzz! I love the older Lifetime movies the best, like Mother May I Sleep With Danger, The Babysitter's Seduction, anything with Tracy Gold, Amy Jo Johnson or Tori Spelling...

"Get Into The Groove" is the jam. LOVE Madonna.

Anonymous said...

haha dance it out, for sure. my go to album for that is misbehavin' (the spaceshits). every time I listen I have to shake it out to the point that my abs hurt. If I don't do that some days, it's hard to run through my to do list.

Devonately said...

I do the exact same thing. Lifetime is on for like 9 hours in my house. Grey's, Desperate Housewives, and Wifeswap. It's addicting.


Anonymous said...

i love you even more now that i know you watch greys!!!! :)

i am addicted. it is kryptonite.


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