September 1, 2010

it starts to feel like a barricade, that keeps us away

Songs I am digging at the moment. So different and random.

"Barricades" - Interpol

One time I passed Paul Banks walking through Tompkins Park and my heart melted just a bit. Although, my love is for Daniel Kessler, mainly for his high water pants and awesome dance moves.

and just because I'm in an Interpol mood...

"Slow Hands" (dedicating this to Andrea, who I am terribly jealous she saw them recently)

"Tenderoin" - Kele (from Bloc Party)

I definitely was not expecting to like ANYTHING from his solo album but I dig this. The video is weird but I could see myself dancing on the dancefloors to this at a place like Fabric.

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Andréa said...

she can read, she can read, she's bad.

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