March 14, 2010


My photography website is officially up and running. Please email me what you think about it at or leave a comment here!

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Special thanks to Roland for designing it and everyone I bugged (you know who you are, and I thank you for your input) with random questions about if I should include certain photos, layout and helping me write a quirky about me section, I about me sections that take themselves too seriously. Everyone scans through it anyways just to get to the contact info.

Please, check out the website, it would mean a lot.

Apologies in advance, I know there is A LOT of content. I plan on editing it down quite a bit but for now i really just wanted the site up and running.


Andréa said...

It's better this way, narrowed down, it took me ages to load averything the first time i went on it, but now it's fonctionable and cute.

Patrice said...

thanks! we are about to completely redo the site! haha. but it still going to be little content and cute.

it's just so hard going through 5 years worth of work and trying to figure out what goes up and what doesn't so I figured add everything, then narrow it down. Haha.

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