March 2, 2010

i'm the ghost in the back of your head

Now, it's no surprise to anyone that I LOVE FOALS. I think that they are brilliant musicians. Their videos are always visually stunning and I feel they are making some of the most innovative music out there right now, as far as newer bands are concerned.
With their new song "Spanish Sahara" they do not disappoint. I remember this being one of my favorites of the new songs being perform when I saw them in London and Brighton last April. Along with the song "O-Funk".

I cannot wait until the new album comes out. I am sure it'll be amazing.

Here is the video for "Spanish Sahara". It's absolutely beautiful and directed by the brilliant Dave Ma.

FOALS continue to inspire. I am falling in love with a lot of the lyrics in this song. It's incredibly dreamy and I love the build up. It's the type of song you need to listen to on your headphones whilst laying on your bed staring at the ceiling. Let it seep into your brain and never leave.

I am glad they made this their first single, instead of something typically FOALS, like having another "Cassius" as their new single. For some this may be a grower but I really enjoy this song.

(special thanks to Andrea for sending me the link this morning, definitely made my morning!)


kwhip said...

This video is beautiful. I love how his eyes are almost black at times.

Jaime said...

A great song and very nice video! I heard it on the radio today, but missed the name of the band or the tune. Thankfully, I remembered the "Ghost in the back of your head" that google pointed to your blog. Thanks!

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