February 28, 2010

vanishment made easy

ph. still from Meeting At Midnight (1944)

Taking a few weeks off from here. I know, you are trying to hold back the tears.

My laptop is a bit screwed up and I need to get it sent in to get it fixed before I leave for Austin. Then I really need to sit down and plan this road trip to Austin and get myself organized for SXSW. The binder is in full effect (some of you guys know what I am talking about, heck yes for OCD)! I am going to be so disgustingly organized compared to last year.

I also need to get film, a new lens for my digital camera, and an external flash, go to the doctor, and blah blah blah

Oy vey!

On the plus side, I have new business cards! Say whaaat???

Anyways, how do you guys feel about these random written posts in addition the photo adventure posts?

Shall I continue doing these or just stick with the photos?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I vote continue with the written updates!! I enjoy reading them.

I wish I could go to sxsw (it's a little dream of mine haha) ahh yr gonna have a blast!

business cards?? hellaaaa professional

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