March 30, 2010

i'm a constant sinner, a conscience killer

Robert Levon Been (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)

I am not sure if I need to link these photos back to flickr, or it does it go without saying that I took these polaroids on the blog, unless stated otherwise, these are ALL my photos. Just wanted to clarify.

Anyways, story time. BRMC is another band I did not get to see during SXSW. I HEARD BRMC whilst sitting in a alley at a show I couldn't get into because they reached capacity but didn't actually see them. Again, what band did I actually see, and how many times did I watch Twilight while in Austin? I did manage to throw in some X-Files and Twin Peaks watching while I was there but yeah mainly really horrible movies were watched like Twilight and um *cough* Spice World *cough*

Whatever, I have no shame. Those movies are classics, they will stand the test of time. You just wait.

But bringing it back to BRMC, from what I HEARD it sounded pretty awesome and I wished I planned it better and actually got to see them perform the new songs and see the new drummer, Leah, rock it out.

I had planned on seeing them in St. Louis the day after I got back from Austin but wasn't feeling well, therefore couldn't go, even though my friend was offering me a ride and I could sleep the whole time, I just couldn't muster any energy/strength to go.

Well, turns out my friend told the band this and the band told my friend to call me and tell me they wish I were able to be at the the show and they love my photographs and they hope I feel better soon and that they hope it was nothing serious.

*cue the "awwwwwwsss"*

I mean SERIOUSLY! That was really sweet.

Now, not to be outdone by The Veils who also sent me a message. That shall be saved for another post.

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