April 23, 2010

i'm a highschool lover and you're my favorite flavor

picked up joanna and stevie from the hotel. our first meeting was very pleasant. mind you, we've only know each other via internet prior. Luckily, there was no awkwardness and we go on quite well. And most imporantly, we all had the same taste in music, so the drive from Hollywood to Palm Springs was enjoyable for everyone. We found out we have a lot in common. Such as our love for literature and films.

cupcakes from Sprinkles.
I need Joanna's booties from Tophop
almost to palm springs.

At the end of the evening, we watched Pretty in Pink, ate cupcakes and drank Strongbow english cider. Party hard.

More photos to come. I have to pick up 10 rolls tomorrow! Zoinksss!

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