June 1, 2013

staring at the sun pt. 1

It's finally June and summer is almost "officially" approaching. I thought it would be fun to ask some of my favorite people/musicians/artists/etc what songs get them ready for summer and some other fun questions. Hopefully, every week or bi-weekly I'll be posting a new featured person/contributor. 

It's time to pull out those cut offs/never nudes and bust out those rollerblades. Summer is here and the heat doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon! 


Orange Juice "Rip it Up"
This tune has been a favorite for years. It makes my foot tap and my head bob gleefully everytime I hear it. Go Edwyn.

Holllie Cook "Walking in the Sand"
What can I say? The girl is a star. Not many folks can take a classic and, dare I say, make it even better than the original. This is a summer tune if I every hear one.

Grudge/ Laurice "When Christine Comes Around"
Granted a bit hostile in lyrics, this (otherwise) carefree song is just poppy enough to make me want to crack open a beer and watch X-Treme fighting (just kidding.)

Make sure to check out Lu Void and like their facebook page, duh! 

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