May 28, 2013

You're not from New York City, you're from Rotherham

So, I am currently in Denver visiting one of my close friends Kelsey. It's been tradition for quite a while for us to see Arctic Monkeys together every time they come anywhere close to us. And by I mean anywhere close to us, I mean anywhere in the US. Come on, we've been fans since 2004. Now, that is dedication, or stalking. The line there is blurred.

Anyways, so I've been sick for the past two weeks which has been BEYOND awesome due to all the traveling I've been doing and never sleeping. My body is finally saying "awww hell naahhh" to my "can't stop won't stop" motto. Before I left for Denver I developed a stomach bug on top of the cold I've been trying to kick for a while. This morning I woke up feeling like death. So the majority of my day has been spent lying around the apartment with Kelsey's crazy yet lovable cat Laika. 

This is what the afternoon has been like. 


I finally decided to try and make my day somewhat productive and not mopping around the place like I've lost my long lost lover in the war. 

I have to get into gig mode, so I can relive my teenage years at the gig tonight. Love that Kelsey and I are going to be the oldest broads up there surrounded by 16 year olds with Xs on there hands...

Rumour has it that the guys have been resurrecting "Dancing Shoes" and "Fake Tales of San Francisco". If this is true, I should probably wear some Depends to the show, because I will pee my pants. Most likely do to my water consumption but whatever...

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