May 22, 2013

you eyes have wept a thousand tears...

I saw BRMC this past weekend when I was Chicago and words can't even describe how amazing the show was. Proper post about it later but for now, this song "Fire Walker" (and yes I do have a serious obsession with Twin Peaks)...what a hell of an opener. Rob's lyrics are just so amazing to me and just brings out  many emotions especially when I think of that one special person, the one that I lost my grip on and want to know what all went wrong; the what's, how's and why's? Don't we all wonder that, even if it is not with a love one, just life itself begs the question. Maybe were all too blind to see...
ph. Me  (Chicago 17th May, The Vic taken on my mobile)

"And maybe I'm too blind to see,
The fire is all that walks with me.
And maybe I'm too starved and weak
But what's inside of you's the same as me."

 I hope you guys like the new layout. Still toying around with things, but for now I think I like it. I am going to TRY and update a lot more. So keep checking and please comment and let me know how you like certain things! I have a few fun posts in the works for summer that will be followed by a playlist. Get excited. I know I am. 


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