February 25, 2013

there's a drumming noise inside my head

Since it's apparent I can't stay still, after terribly playing on a friend's kit and another friend's motivation to get serious and obsessive with my drumming, I've decided to dust my kit off at home. My neighbors will surely hate me more once I pull my baby into the house and start practicing from my room. 

Also, I'm learning guitar. Yep. 

So, either hashtag all future things #pray4patrice (in fear of me burning out and/or losing my mind) OR #cantstopwontstop (for obviously being so in awe of how I am managing all that I do without passing out from exhaustion *please note sarcasm*).

ph. eric reeves

1 comment:

Cara Mico said...

Awesome :) You're an inspiration to get off my bum.

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