May 4, 2011

my life in mobile pictures pt 6 (??)

I haven't done one of these in a while. Here are some mobile pictures from California.

Julie and myself
we have decided that we are going to live at Chateau...


tofu baby portabella mushroom burger. yumzzzz.

G&Ts and Old Fashioned's with Kyle

Kristen and myself about to get all Fast and Furious to get food from our favorite organic deli before they closed in less than 30 minutes (we were 45 minutes away...and in case you were wondering, we made it.)

I want Kristen's shoes!

Birthday gift from Julie. Can't wait to use my new phrases in France this winter! Surely saying things like "I have a burning sensation" will win me tons of friends.
Dev Hynes and Theophilus London killing it at the Filter Party.



Kristen and Aaron

an end of an interesting trip

more soon...


Christelle said...

Is Julie French?
I think she used to write in a magazine I read.
Does she have a blog or something now?
Thank you.

Patrice said...

Yes, she is French, as well as Sara. Julie used to write for the sister magazine of Jalouse called Muteen I believe. I am unsure if she has a blog now. x

Christelle said...

Thanks for the answer.
It has been a few years I follow your work on Flickr.
And your photographs really inspire me. So I just would to tell you that you do a great job. Keep going :)

outsource design said...

Thanks for this nice information Patrice..Those pictures are really nice. Thanks for sharing.

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