January 6, 2010

I'm in these cities most likely harassing you with my camera(s)

Chicago - January 30- February 1st

NYC - February 9 - 18th

Where are some places with photobooth's in NYC? So far, I've been in the one at Bubby's and I hear there is a color one at the Bell House...


Jessi said...

so jealous that you get to travel all the time. did the picture of us in line at arctic monkeys come out? loved your shots of alex inside borders.

Patrice said...

Hey, it came out sort of blurry...I can still send it to you though, if you would like? Just tell me your email addy.

kwhip said...

I forgot to tell you, but I just ordered a copy of "Withnail and I" from Slackers. YES.

Jessi said...

email: music22392@aim.com

just lemme know it's you (=

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