February 6, 2010

i am patrick swayze, you are whoopi goldberg

I feel this blog is slowly going to turn into me posting mobile pictures of my friends and I eating, going to bookstores and record shops looking for/buying weird shit.

And I recently put the camerabag app on my phone (i know i am a bit late) , it's amazingggg.

Today I hung out with Mikey. We were the dynamic duo at da bux. Most our talks consist of retiring in Florida, bling, velour, Breakin & Breakin 2, creepers at Starbucks (if you ever had the pleasure of hearing my story of Crystal Man OR the angels of Lenexa dude, you know what's up ), orthopedic shoes and Chaka Khan.

Anyways, we went to d'Bronx for pizza. It's the best pizza in KC, forget the new location they opened up on Metcalf & 103rd.

I look really stoked on life.

then off to Prospero's books. this place is the joint.

You'll find all the classics here...

this is when Smokey Robinson stopped being polite and started getting real.

then I bought this little gem. it was only a dollar.

some words of wisdom.

and lastly, the reason why i love missouri. you can cash your check and do all your shopping in one place. missouri keeps it real.

And I leave you guys with this video:


kwhip said...

I love love love that photo of you. So happy!

Jessi said...

breakin' 2? as in electric boogaloo? love it & i most likely spelled that wrong... (=

Mike said...

I think for our next outing we should do Chinese at, Kin Lin, on 51st St. It's an amazing hole in the wall joint, I love it. PS, when are you gonna teach me how to street dance?

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