April 13, 2010

don't forget whose legs you're sitting on

Okay, I would make this a fan girling post about how Arctic Monkeys are "lyke sooo totally RADDDD!!!!" but I am not. Arctic Monkeys are my second favorite "current" band after the Strokes.

Here are the polaroids from the shows I went to. The first two are from St. Louis and the other two are from Lawrence, KS (11 & 12 of April.)

I will say, I am really glad they are playing "Joining the Dots" live currently. If you are daft to what I am talking about, it's the b-sides to the "My Propellor" single.

1 comment:

kwhip said...

Holy shit I love this fourth one. Also, it is so crazy how much better your first photo turned out than mine because you are shorter (and a better photographer).

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