May 7, 2010

maybe if we could just talk about the weather...

Paris, Shakespeare and Co. ph. me

This is what is on the agenda today:

- alphabetize my very large collection of books, by last name of author and separate by genre? I really could open up my own little library, that is how many books I have.

- realphabetize my movie collection, that was once out of hand but I am slowly narrowing it down by selling some and giving some away. Yet, those precious critieron's must stay.

- then to be super obsessive compulsive, I am going to enter these items into excel.

-Then I am going to finish my project of organizing my photo negatives into binders by month and year. Two years down only 4 more to go.

-Later on tonight, I have plans to go down to first fridays with my Mother. Where we shall look at shitty art and listen to lame pretentious people pretend they know something about art as the drink their liver away with the free booze. EX-CIT-ING.

Listening to them while I organize and alphabetize makes things more fun. Solo dance party in my room.

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