May 12, 2010

now the haze has ascended and it don't make no sense anymore

Last month, my friends and I saw JEFF the brotherhood in St. Louis.

Let me tell you, it was an interesting night.

Pre-gamed it, listened to The Sonics and then Black Lips on vinyl and did the twist (most underrated dance, I think), saw JEFF play, went to a party, then went to Uncle Bill's around 2-3am for pancakes.

Here are the photos:

Jameson, a girl's best friend
Chloe and I
Chloe, Julia & Julie
And at some point of our drunken haze, taking photos in bathroom was necessary. Because girls can't go to the bathroom by themselves, we go in pairs or groups.

feeling it?
I am posting these photos, so Chloe doesn't feel alone in the using the bathroom shots. Both photos were taken by Chloe.

(we are as classy as they come fellas.)

And fear not, good people of St. Louis, Uncle Bill's is now open 24/7. Incase you were losing sleep over it. And ask for Shirley when you go, because she rules. May have taken 10 years to get my toast but she still rules.


kwhip said...

Holy shit, those tights are awesome.

And OMGOMGOMGOMGOMG, those bathroom photos! I just laughed SO HARD.

Fayoona said...

HAHAHA I actually laughed out loud. i love the randomness of this post.

also random fact about yours truely, jameson whiskey is brewed in my hometown. if you go to the brewery,you get some free samples.
xx fi

frances said...

I like your blog VERY MUCH x

Natalie said...


these photos make me wish you would be in chicago for the JEFF show too.

-natalie watalie
ps. sorry for the 'watalie'

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