May 3, 2010

a story of a shirt

IKEA, in Burbank, April 2010

Everyone has a favorite shirt, right?

Well, mines happens to be that of the band We Barbarians. If you haven't heard of them or noticed that I wear their shirt a lot, you should check their myspace out and take a listen. They are better than great.

I saw them back in 2008 with Cold War Kids and A.A. Bondy and I haven't been the same since.

This shirt goes on every trip with me. I mean EVERY trip. Can't leave without it. It's like my comfort blanket and good luck charm. I just don't feel right leaving on trips without it.

It's nearly falling apart and has holes in it now, but I still rock the shit out of it.


kwhip said...

I'm pretty sure you might or might not be married to this shirt.

Oregon Mountain Party said...

i totally enjoy that same shirt... minus the sleeves

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