May 20, 2010

throwing darts in lovers eyes

I was recommended recently to watch Christiane F, since I have been lacking inspiration for taking photographs lately.

I liked Christiane F a lot, absolutely loved how it was film. Many of the frames were like a perfect photograph.

If you rent it, make sure you get the German version and not the English dubbed, either way it's still worth a watch. As an added bonus, all the music in the movie is done by David Bowie.

Here are some of my favorite stills:

After watching the film, it just made me want to pull out my David Bowie albums and shake my hips around my room. And possibly start wearing socks with my peep toe mary-jane heels from here on out? Not go sell body and get hooked on "H".

a few of my favorite photos of Bowie:

I may consider reading Bowie In Berlin after I finish the book I am currently reading. Looks like my Bowie obsession is about to kick again, right. about. now.


Felicia said...

Bowie is absolutely the best person to look at for inspiration, no matter which phase he was going through, he was always so innovating.
I'm gonna have to put that film on my list.

A. said...

argh, i really must see this. i recognize some of the stills from random blogs and already have half of them saved. good to know where they're from now! and who doesn't love bowie? seriously.


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