June 28, 2010

somewhere between waking and sleeping

Tonight is my last night in Chicago. I am sad to go. It's always fun coming up and visiting friends. And seeing Turbo Fruits was an added bonus. I also met some awesome new people.

Today was such an awesome day. I had breakfast with my friends Chloe and Kristen at Tweet. LOVE this place so much. Their coffee is truly liquid crack and of course their food is delicious.

bon appetit

Then Chloe and I spent all afternoon/evening lying in bed, drinking Jameson and watching movies. We watched Girl, Interrupted and Withnail and I (of course). It was so chill and perfect. Also, Chloe was nice enough to be my model for the day. Love mini photo adventures.

Anyways, tomorrow (well technically today since it's 1am) I have a twelve hour journey back home (gotta love our train system, we are never getting a high speed rail system, ever). Most of my time spent will be spent reading the books I have left to read and watching She's All That and 10 Things I Hate About You (don't hate).

Also, in case you didn't know...lately I've been into filming and learning about it. Right now I am just documenting my friends and doing interviews with them. Some previews very soon.

Photo by Jade Amey

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