July 18, 2010

release me

ph. unknown
This is how I plan on spending a majority of my day today.

Well okay, I do plan to leave the house to go to the gym, get coffee, pick up the NYT and see Inception. I have high expectations for Inception. It better be good. If not, I am going to spit on the ground outside of AMC. Leonardo DiCapario has failed me for the last time. Did anyone else see Shutter Island? What type of fuckery was that? I was disappointed in both DiCapario and Scorsese. I weep at the thought of that bullshit.

THEN, I'll get back in my bed. My phone will probably be off so send smoke signals or a pigeon carrier.

Now, off to the gym at 6:30am.
(Oh yeah, I am running another 5k next month for Race For The Cure, breast cancer awareness)


fuschiaaa said...

Inception looks confusing but I'm definitely going to see it, hopefully it won't fuck my mind over too much.

jamie said...

i'm such a scaredy cat, i refused to watch shutter island with my bf because the trailer was scary to me. he was disappointed too in that movie too.

Mash said...

I saw "shutter Island" and was lost because I don't understand the end ahaha do you understand it ?

Patrice said...

I figured out the end halfway through the movie.

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