August 27, 2010

the end of the end of the ugly

*This must be hater day for me...I should probably move to the left.

For some of us (including myself) Sassy magazine was before our time. The publication ceased in 1995. Instead, we had magazines such as YM, Teen, and Seventeen.

After a discussion with my friend Stevie, I am very interested in the 14 year old Tavi Gevinson's idea of wanting to create a magazine like Sassy for teenage girls today. Something fun, smart, and non-prissy for the alternative thinking girl yet still have that element of fashion. You can go to Stevie's blog and watch a video conference of Tavi speaking articulately about the subject and read Stevie's much more well written post about this.

It wasn't until today when Stevie told me about this that I started to gain interest in Tavi. Like my friend, I too was initially skeptical about such a young girl blogging, wearing designer clothes and being convent by the fashion world but she is definitely growing on me. I wish I were as cool as Tavi when I was 14, I was too busy playing the clarinet...

I think Tavi's idea is great. There are not enough magazines for teenage girls that offer substantial material. Today's teen magazines are filled with quizzes like "Which heartthrob is right for you? Justin Bieber, Nick Jonas or Taylor Launter?" which is all fun and games and I remember being ALL about that when I was younger...reading Tiger Beat in my room, listening to Backstreet Boys, All Saints or my epic 90s dance mixes on cassettes, reading what Freddie Prinze Jr. and Ryan Phillippe's favorite colors were, because you know, if you both liked the same color you were TOTES soul mates.

Even as an adult, it's hard to find magazines that are fun, smart and still have great fashion spreads. Nylon has gone completely downhill, JANE and ELLEgirl was fun will it lasted but now we are forced to hunt down magazines such as LULA, RUSSH and Frankie, which break the bank since they are so expensive. We sadly have to sit in the bookstore reading the magazine, writing down all the rad recommendations and DIY tips in our little notebook.

(note: I am not completely dissing fashion magazines, because I still pick up VOGUE, W, Jalouse, V magazine, etc etc)


Reading the Dear Boy (where guys in bands give their advice) selections from Sassy that Stevie posted were great.

These two made me smile, actually, they made my day.

Thurston Moore

There's this guy that I really like. He tells everyone that he doesn't even like me as a friend, but when we're alone together we do things that are reserved for people who think of each other as more than friends. What do I do? A friend, more, or less? Huntley, IL

The guy's a jerk. I know that won't discourage you from liking him, but he's got a major personality flaw: disrespecting you. Be careful of this kind of butthead, because his sleaze behaviour may rub off on you, and then your life will become more and more hellish. Next time you're alone with him and he tried to get "friendly," tell him your friend Thurston Moore wants to kick his ass. And then tell him why.

(Seriously!? As if I didn't love Thurston Moore enough! I need to ring him up for advice and do some ass kicking for me.)


Here's my problem. Whenever my boyfriend and I go out, I have to pay for everything. I work and he doesn't, so if I want to do something I have to pay. It's starting to make me really mad. How can I get him to start paying his fair share? Becoming broke.

This slacker scourge is ravaging the minds of our youth. Tell this guy to get motivated Tony Robbins style: "Yesterday is a canceled paycheck. Your maximum point of power is now."


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Felicia said...

I really wish I would have been a teenager in the 90's

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