August 16, 2010

sick sad world

Today (and well for the next month), I'll be completely immersed in going through contact sheets, negatives, developing, printing, etc etc.

Yet, Daria the complete series and lots of black coffee is making my day.

unrelated, but this
(The Black Keys = ♥ ♥ ♥ and also, what a KILLER shot by Matt Ellis)

and this, makes me a little sad I didn't go to Lolla this year.

Ed Droste, Thomas Mars and Nick Valensi?! Damn it. My festival break is making me miss all the good stuff.


Felicia said...

my copy of the daria series has been bringing me constant joy

Anonymous said...

don't forget to drink your milk, you got twelve more years to make strong bones so don't you sleep on that. haha. PS--cutie.

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