August 23, 2010

i'm falling off again, to who knows where

"white" - We Barbarians

Do yourself a favor this fall and see We Barbarians with Ra Ra Riot. They put on such an amazing show, you won't regret going. Make sure to show your love and buy up their merch table.

Then, you and your friends can sit around like super cool people, wearing matching t-shirts...

chole and myself
photo taken by Kelsey Whipple (Coachella weekend 09)

P.S. Go and "like" their fanpage. Doo ittt!

Personal favorite songs:

War Clouds
Sixes & Sevens
Yesmen & Bumsuckers

P.P.S. Just found out their song "There's This There's That" was on the CW show Vampire Diaries?! Say whattt?


Elly said...

did you go to coachella?
i majorly wanna go one year, but wanna know its worth the flight over from england lol.
looks pretty sweet..

p.s diggin the eye patch snaps below


Patrice said...

Yes, I did! I've been going for 4 years now. My friends that are from England really seemed to like it. Our festivals are really different from your guys. Here is a blog entry about what my friend Stevie thought about it.

Aren't those eye patch stills sick! I need to rent the film now...

Elly said...

ahh thanks thats ace, il have a gander :)
yeah well i have family over in LA so i can maybe feel some road trippin comin on...


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