October 12, 2010

Andrew Garfield

ph. ysa perez

It's no secret that currently I am obsessed with Andrew Garfield (sorry R. Patz you've been replaced). Not only is he a stone fox but an amazing actor. Last evening I saw "Never Let Me Go" (which I'll write about later) and he gave such a beautiful performance. I'm interested to see how the Spider-man Roboot turns out. I am such a Spider-man geek. Every time any of the films are on I have to watch it (even the shit third one).

Also, he seems like a hilarious guy. Thanks to Natalie for making my morning by telling me about this video. It's pretty much the best thing ever. So fudgin' adorable!

Lastly, here are some cool polaroids of Mr. Garfield for Band Of Outsiders Fall 2010 lookbook. I really need to photograph for Band Of Outsiders. Love their constant usage of polaroids.

he's a keeper.


Devonately said...

Andrew Garfield is beautiful. I completely agree. I'm not a huge Spiderman fan but I will watch for him.


Jessi said...

Did you see his spread in Interview? Band of Outsiders tank top, so fine. The actual article is great, too.

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