November 6, 2010

heart skipped a beat

I seriously hate crushing. I'm not talking about the normal "oh he's cute, I wouldn't mind dating him" sort of thing. I am talking about when you let your guard down and you find yourself truly liking this person. Then you have racing thoughts like "what if I'm not pretty enough or not his type", "what if I am not clever enough", "well I bet he has girlfriend anyways, so why bother) etc, etc.

The current crush I have is rather complicated but when are crushes not complicated.

I just wish I knew what was going on inside that head of his.

Whatever, I need to stop thinking about this and him. At least I can say I tried...

Always wanting what I can't have. Story of my life.

I can't believe I've turned into THAT girl. So depressing. I may as well be sitting in my underwear on the couch eating ice cream from the tub and watching 'Love Actually'.

I can't wait to getting back to being one of the guys in less than two weeks. All my babies are coming in town at once (Darker My Love, Delta Spirit, and Jake!). It's like Christmas has come early. We are going to go into a whiskey coma and invade the photobooth at The Jackpot in Lawrence. I love that venue.

Can't. Wait.


April said...

I'm totally in the same situation as you. I get so intimidated by him and all these doubts fill my head until I psych myself out. I just don't know, it's hard because it never seems to work out when I really want it and then my brain obsesses over it. Good luck girl!

Erika said...

That has happened to me in awhile...
but I totally know what you mean.

It sucks.

But then one day we move on. And then it was just another crush. :)

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