November 18, 2010

my life in mobile pictures pt 5

I've been such a negative Nancy these days. Monday was a nice break from reality. Just super chill and hung with some of my favourite people. Last time I saw everyone was back at SXSW this year and maybe even longer with Jenny (who plays in Other Lives). It was my first time seeing The Fling but had heard much about them through mutual friends and they were lovely guys.

Jenny, Brook and myself ate at WA in Lawrence before meeting up with the guys at the venue. They played the Jackpot.

it was a really great show. the first day of the tour started off well, i'd say.

the rest of the photos speak for themselves. We watched 'Almost Famous' and of course sang along to "Tiny Dancer", I mean who doesn't when that scene comes on?

that night was my last night of drinking. master cleanse part two started yesterday!
"hold me closer tiny dancer, count headlights on the highway"
definitely a good night/morning.

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