January 13, 2011

i simply want him more because he looks the other way

I am currently SO obsessed with this song. Why hasn't anyone told me about this?

"Crave You Ft. Giselle" - Flight Facilities

I swear I am going to post the third NYE post soon (I know it's so ghetto to still post them since the time has passed) like tomorrow. You know how it is, after the holidays it's time to play catch up and start planning your first quarter. I think for some of us, SXSW is our main concern and working on new projects. And this is just the beginning. I am afraid to see what everyone will be like once Festival season actual starts.

Upcoming Posts:

What I've been reading
Spring Fashion Inspiration
Photos + more from Nashville
a mixtape (hopefully, currently catching up on new music, so out of the loop! maybe I should start reading pitchfork again?)
And how I am published in a book with some friends!

Here is some more information about it and go to the polaroid party, support and shake it like a polaroid pic-chahhh!

mah girl Giuliana graces the cover!

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