January 11, 2012

my life in mobile pictures: the reboot

November 2011- January 2012

chicago nights w/ John & Natalie


this is what you saw when you pulled up to my house. A Christmas Story, much?

one of my co-workers got me this book! <333

nights at home drinking cider by my little christmas tree watching Love Actually on loop...whatever....

pretty much the best holiday card! thanks to the always lovely natalieeee. 

model behavior from Adia's cat Tator...

jello-o shots in a syringe?! say whaaat? 

NYE in Nashville


Dancing machines. 

Nico + David 


Mimi + me
(where did these goggles come from?)



"No crushes 2012" - Natalie #heavy #realtalk

room filled with disco balls 

Pretty much, cupcakes are a form of currency with me...

WAY too into Downton Abbey. 


Anonymous said...

oh shit! we were at the same show on nye!
did you see ke$ha? lol

that night was grreat!!!

love your tubmlr!

Patrice said...

Haha, no I didn't! That is wild and I can't believe we were at the same show and didn't run into each other. That was a fun night, though!

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