February 27, 2012

lavender haze

 Whilst back in NYC, I made the short trek to Hoboken, NJ to see Dum Dum Girls play at Maxwell's. I was quite excited being it was my first time seeing them live and I had never been to Hoboken (reminded me a bit of Lawrence, Ks in a way, their Washington St is like Massachusetts St...at I least I think they are a bit similar).

 Now, I have seen Kristin play before in Grand Ole Party back in the day and knew that I should be in for a treat (she has such a great voice). Yet the greatest treat for me was the fact that my friend Malia had recently joined the band! I wish I would have taken more photos throughout the night but as usual nerves/awkwardness/self-conciousness/whatever got the best of me. I suppose there is always next time...

I am not super ecstatic about my photos from that evening but a few did turn out alright. I was really bummed that my polaroid spectra camera decided it didn't want to work that night and then the next day it was working perfectly (okay, after Leia and me messed with it for like 20 minutes and wasted 4 exposures). So temperamental these film cameras...


this is probably my one of my favorite photos of the evening. 

Jules = most adorable badass. 

Not only was it great to finally see Dum Dum Girls. It was also really great getting to catch up with Malia. I think it may have been a year or so since I had last seen her, so it was definitely long overdue. I personally can't wait to see all the photographs she makes on her journey as being a new Dum Dum Girl. 
~*Photog buddies 4 eva!*~

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oh patrice, you look so pretty!

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