February 27, 2012


With SXSW looming, I am selling prints again. 
I was going to setup an etsy shop but the method of sending links from my flickr account or website (just describe/tell me the title of the photo you want) seems to be working best for people. If you do want a print of a polaroid, please specify if you want the photo cropped or remain looking like a polaroid. 
4x6 - $7
5x7 - $10
8x10 - $20
• send an email to patricej3@gmail.com
• make the subject line PRINTS, please also include the links of the prints you would like, sizes and how you would like to pay (cash/check/paypal)
• shipping within the US is $4, international shipping is $10
• I print photos on demand, so please allow 3 business days for you order to be processed and your paid item(s) will ship within 3-5 business days (7-10 internationally) after the prints are made. I'll also send an email to you once the prints have been sent off! 

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