March 31, 2012

the only people for me are the mad ones...

Alright everyone, let's discuss this...what does everyone think about 'On The Road' finally being made into a film. 

I feel that this has the potential to be good. I did enjoy Walter Salles 'The Motorcycle Diaries' and think he was a good choice for directing this. In addition, I like the cast. Yet, this could be my vagina talking because it's has some hot guys in it. Garrett Hedlund, Sam Riley, Tom Sturridge...*lady boner*.

With the film coming out this year. I am definitely going to have to revisit Kerouac's novel. I think the first time I read this was when I was like 14-15. I remember liking it but obviously didn't have the life experience to enjoy as much as I think I would now, 10 years later...we shall see.

What do YOU guys think? 

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