June 2, 2012

Expect a slew of outfit posts, well, posts in general for the next few days. I've been slacking on updates as usual. 

Anyways, while doing some purging of my clothes and I found my overalls from middle school. They still fit and I plan on living in them. What age am I again?

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niels said...

Hi Patrice, yep, overalls forever, you are so right, I and more and more share your joy and love of overalls and will wear them forever, nothing better and I can see how they fit you in just right shape, a little baggy, not too much, but juest enough to be able to breathe and dance and jump and enjoy life, so OVERALL greetings from another forever overalls guy, Niels in Norway, welcome to my overalls blog and you can also join the international overalls day group on facebook !

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